Can’t turn your hobby into a business? 趣味を仕事にできるか?

I want to diversify my source of income. I am quite happy with what I have been doing so far, but I just feel like to do more and many other things.

A post by BPlan on How to turn your hobby into a business says that it would be really difficult to make you hobby business as you may shoulder unexpected burdens. It says even if you enjoy doing a particular thing as a hobby, doing it as a business completely change your motive and attention toward it.

In Japanese there is a word called Nariwai. It’s like a business as a hobby kind of word describing making ends meet by doing something you like.

If you have some Nariwai kind of hobby like job, not one or two but as many as you can, you life may not be dependent on a particular job-like-hobby, but you can enjoy doing hobby-like-job and each hobby-like-job may sustain your bread on your table.

It sounds too ideal but it’s worth to try. But I’m not still sure if I can try yet.


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