Travel to Okayama will give you wonderful local experiences in Japan

This is to figure out how I can promote travels to Japan, more specifically where I am planning to live, though not yet sure if I really can, namely Okayama.

I’m currently living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, but I wanna to start organizing local activities once I return to Japan just to introduce local realities and order-made services to enjoy your stay in Japan. If I can also provide lodges through Airbnb, it would be really great as I also had wonderful experiences when I travelled with Airbnb.

For instance, this provides really attractive information on Hokkaido. There are many places where even Japanese like me wants to visit.

Though I do not have actual data where popular destinations of inbound travellers, Okayama would be one of the greatest destinations to enjoy traditional Japanese architect as well as culture. It’s like a small Kyoto and Nara with lots of temples and shrines with very popular old folks. 

There are many interesting festivals in Feruary. If you have already decided to visit Japan in February, you can reschedule your plan to visit one of these festivals. 

Though I cannot yet provide such services to welcome travellers to Japan, if you have any suggestions based on your good and bad travel experiences in Japan, please mention it to me on twitter.



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